Connectors Socket Panel

We can provide you with the connector and suitable accessories for virtually all applications

Plastic molded and Ceramic Miniature and Standard Connectors (K, J, N, T, E, S, R, B, C)

  • The contacts are made of thermocouple material (K, J, N, T, E)
  • Temperature resistant PVC up to 150°C ceramic to 600°C 

Metal Multipol circular connector Lemo, Fischer, MF7, M12

  • Lockable plugs 
  • Plug and Socket contacts chromium plated brass
  • crush-resistant
  • waterproof

Connectors Sockets Accessoires

  • Cable grommets, bend relief
  • Crimping sleeve for connector cable 
  • Strain relief clamp 
  • Markig Clips

Panel Jacks Cable box

  • Miniature and Standard Connector Panels
  • Panel for 19” Racks Aanodised aluminium plate
  • Aanodised aluminium plate
  • Sockets type K, J, N, T, E, S, R, B, C

Cable assembling

The spectrum ranges from trimmed single wires right through to a cable harness which is installed in a case, together with the electronics.

  • Adapter, Extension- cable
  • Standard lengths with the most common connectors. (available from stock)
  • Individual production to meet customer requirements.

We supply cables and wires for both standard applications and bespoke solutions to meet customers'individual and application-specific requirements.